New Car

Over the course of the last several months it became increasingly clear that is was time to buy a new car.  The 2000 Ford Windstar served us well when we needed a van, but I don’t need car seats anymore since the kids are 17, 14 and 14 (almost 15), and the 17 year old has her own car.  I’m more interested in gas mileage, eco-friendliness and convenience now, so we decided to look at new cars.  When we started looking at mileage, hybrids caught our attention.

After some research (mostly talking to recent new car buyers, along with a bit of online investigation) and a test drive, we decided on a Toyota Prius.  Here’s a picture of our new baby.  Love that color, it’s called Sea Glass Pearl – I figured it would show dirt the least, as it’s sort of dusty, without being gray (the actual color of dirt).

I’m very happy to report that I did a few errands around town this morning and the dashboard display tells me that my mileage was 54.4, 54.6 and 56.6 MPG.  Can’t cry about that!  Well, maybe cry with joy…

I’m feeling a bit sad right now because it’s out in the rain.