Spring Knitting, Part 2

People ask me how they can wear hand knit accessories in the spring and summer.  Here are some examples that I think work well.

This frothy lime shawl is knit in 100% pima cotton, so it’s light, soft, airy – just right for cool summer evenings or chilly movies.  It’s an asymmetrical triangle, so it’s a bit unusual, not like anything commercially produced, perfect if you like to be just a bit different. 

Lime Shawl
Lime Shawl

Lime not your thing?  How about coral?  This is a rectangular scarf,  it makes an excellent sarong.  It’s cotton, so it dries in a flash.

Coral Rectangular Shawl
Coral Rectangular Scarf

Perhaps cooler colors are more to your taste?  Noro Nobori knits up into a gorgeous blue and purple rectangular scarf.

Noro Nobori Fishnet Shawl
Noro Nobori Fishnet Shawl/Scarf

Looking for a gift?  Finding it tricky to buy colors for someone else?  Teal looks great on almost everyone, and this 100% cotton is soft, fluffy and generally fabulous.  This is another one of those rectangular scarves that you can wear in several different ways. Doesn’t it look great with the seahorse shawl pin?

Teal Rectangular Scarf
Teal Rectangular Scarf

Spring Knitting, Part 3 will be coming soon.  We just keep creating the beautiful stuff!

Spring Knitting

After a brief vacation from blogging, I’m back (well, at least for today).  Been quite busy with kids, knitting, etc, so blogging fell by the wayside for a bit.

Nicer weather has finally arrived, after a cool, wet spring here in Indianapolis.  I hear conflicting predictions on what the summer will bring, I’m hoping for cooler than average – last year was murderous.

Been knitting a lot (to put it mildly) and there are a lot of fun new items in the Etsy store.  We’ve been knitting many things that will work for spring and cool summer nights, like this pale yellow open weave shawl.  I love this primrose color, it’s perfect for women with delicate coloring, and 100% organic cotton makes it super soft.  This is an asymmetrical triangle and it’s super versatile, wear it as a wrap or scarf, or fold it and wrap for a sarong.  It dries in about 30 minutes if it gets wet, so it’s great for the beach.

Primrose Shawl
Primrose Shawl

We found a great buy on Noro Nobori yarn this spring, so we’ve done several different things with it.  I knit this scarf;  think this is the perfect pattern to show this yarn’s unusual texture and beautiful color changes.  This one reminds me of a zinnia garden in the summer sunshine.  Cheryl, my business partner sees fireworks.  How about you?  What do you see?

Zinnia Garden Scarf
Zinnia Garden Scarf

Cheryl knit the yarn in a different colorway, this one makes me think of a spring rainbow, cheesy I know – but how would you describe it?

This scarf is just right for women with fair, golden complexions – what we might call “Spring” or “Dressing Your Truth Type 1”.  I plan to write more about this color typing stuff in a future  post.

Spring Rainbow Scarf
Spring Rainbow Scarf

Cheryl also knit this black fishnet type rectangular scarf from organic cotton.  We found a fabulous buy on Mirasol Samp’a, 100% organically grown and dyed cotton, so we snapped up a lot – watch for lots of cool new things to appear in the shop.

I love this pattern, it’s so easy to wear, it makes a nice soft scarf, a shawl or wrap and a perfect sarong.  Do I even need to talk about the possibilities for a sexy Halloween costume?

Black Organic Cotton Scarf/Wrap/Sarong
Black Organic Cotton Scarf/Wrap/Sarong

I’d love to hear what kind of hand knits you’d like to see in our Etsy shop for spring and summer.  Please let me know through the comments if you have other ideas or know of patterns that would make useful (and beautiful) hand knit items for warmer weather.

Temperature Wars

The recent warm weather has sparked the opening battles in the ongoing temperature war at my house.  One party (him) says “why are all these bloody windows open, it’s freezing, look, all the papers are blowing everywhere”.  Party #2 (me) says “I like fresh air, it’s nice out, put something on the papers”.    Muttering from P. #1.  I say “close the windows if you’re cold” and think “as soon as you leave, I’m opening every window in the house”.  Lots of dramatic window closing follows.  Aaah, spring.

I think it’s because he grew up with pretty much consistent weather all year round (cool and wet), and I grew up in Chicago, where for 5 1/2 months there is winter!  (well, when I was a kid anyway, don’t know what you call that craziness they just finished, didn’t look much like any winter I recognized!)  

When I was a kid, when you got a decent day in the spring, the grownups opened up the whole house until it got cold again (around an hour before sunset).  You just turned off the furnace and wore a sweater!  So that is what I do now, even though in Indianapolis our typical winter is nothing as dramatic and long as Chicago’s!

I’ve finished knitting the green Mae Geri scarf.  I have found scarves incredibly boring lately, and this was no exception.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice pattern, the lace is really pretty.  Can’t say I love the way the rows along the sides want to fold over, but that’s what happens with a lace center and 3 stockinette stiches on the side.  Someday I’m going to figure out how to avoid that.  Is there a magic number of stitches to make the stockinette?  Some secret stitch to insert before the stockinette?  Knitting, your mysteries continue to engage me.  If someone could enlighten me about this, I’d be grateful.

Anyway, for some reason scarves are boring me to bits lately.  I think it’s because they don’t change shape, just endless repeats of the same, unchanging thing.  My short attention span is showing.

Here’s a picture of the finished scarf.  The whole thing like this, only really long.

Now, I’m on to the Hitchhiker shawlette.  Knitting this in Zauberball sock yarn.  If you click on the second colorway from the left you’ll see mine.  It’s a bright orange/yellow/pink/purple.  The yarn was a gift from my generous friend Birgit (hey Birgit!) and I’ve held onto it for a long time, couldn’t decide what to do with it.  It’s got a really long color repeat and is changing colors slowly across the shawl, looks beautiful.  It’s also getting wider and will finish as an asymmetrical shape with a sharp point on the (beginning corner) – much more interesting to knit.

What do you think of the colors?

Going to try to paint the dining room this weekend, so will probably be too busy/tired/frazzled to do much knitting (but the dining room should look great).  Going with a nice deep turqoise, that is supposed to enhance creativity and that is where I write my blog!  Let’s see if it gets noticeably better!

Inside Spring

It’s not quite spring yet here in Indianapolis, but I have a raging case of spring fever. I’ve made a pretty terrarium that sits on my dining room table, and last weekend I bought a couple of small phalaenopsis orchids to sit with it too.

I’ve got orchids on the brain, I’m afraid. I went to the Orchids by Hausermann greenhouse on my visit to Chicago last weekend. Their annual open house is Feb 24 – 26 and March 3 -5 this year.  Our new family tradition is to visit the weekend prior, to avoid all the crowds, and we still see all the fabulous plants and get a blast of springtime.  I stupidly forgot my camera, but I do have some photos I took at home.

Phalaenopsis 'Kitty Face' - I didn't buy it for the name, I swear

My spring fever is also manifesting as an irresistible desire to repaint the entire first floor of the house.  I’m sick to death of tan, and ready for something fresh and lovely.  Pink, turquoise and fresh bright green are my picks, poor Craig will be living in a Barbie tea party for a while, I guess.  Something like this, with turquoise added.

Add turquoise and you've got it

Love the site I took this from – Design Seeds.  She has dozens and dozens of beautiful color palettes you can use for home decor, weddings, the sky’s the limit.  She’s a color genius!

So, Lydia has been press-ganged into painting, my downstairs powder room is now a shocking pink shade that puts me in mind of an orchid everytime I go in there.  It’s pretty and clean (for the moment – nothing stays clean long in a house with 3 teenagers and 7 cats!), and I am liking it a lot.  Still many hours of work ahead, but Lydia is always looking for ways to make money, so, I will bribe her to paint a little every weekend until it’s all done.

I’ve been knitting a bit, the Mae Geri scarf is all done, and the new project is called Little Shells, which I’m knitting in a 100% silk yarn from Alchemy.  The yarn is Silk Purse, the color is Dylan’s Blue Depths, it’s a lovely watery silvery blue, nice for spring!

Little Shells Shawl - color is off, but pattern is clear

I have a new foster kitty now, her name is Felicity because she is so pretty and sweet, super friendly and loving.  She has really great markings, they make me think of a reticulated python.  She is only about 7 months old, already spayed and ready for her forever family.  I’ll be kissing her goodbye soon, I imagine.

Felicity is a very pretty girl

Going outside to enjoy a bit of sunshine now!  Maybe a cup of tea and a bit of knitting (I have things in a little tangle right now – got to sort it all out before I can move forward – shouldn’t talk and knit at the same time when I’m doing a tricky part I guess!).