A Visit to the Woolkeepers

Saturday I went with some friends to the Woolkeepers 9th Annual Hook In.  They hold this rug hooking festival/shopping event in a beautiful old church camp now used as a conference center.  It’s been beautifully maintained (possibly restored) and it was a gorgeous venue.  The weather was marvelous, cool and sunny – a real change of pace from our torturous summer.

Most of the booths concentrated on primitive style rug supplies and muted colors, but there were a lot of great things to see for people like me who love bright colors.

I really loved this flower.  It reminds me of a big, flat, rather abstract sunflower.

I’d like to try making knitted roses (camellias?).

There were a lot of very complex rugs in the rug show.  This is my favorite “fun” rug.   I love the whiskers!

And my favorite “artistic” rug (I am making up these categories).

I absolutely adore the way the artist shows the locks of the sheep using swirly color.

My favorite felted item was this great little handbag.  Beautiful, bright colors – I’d carry this (if I didn’t need a small suitcase to lug around all my junk).

There were two spinners, and one was only about 20 years old.  She was spinning art yarn, it was engrossing to watch her.  I learned a lot from standing there observing for just 10 minutes!  Here’s a peek at her bobbin.

It was great to see a young artist like that!  Overcome those stereotypes of fiber artists as middle aged ladies with long gray hair – that idea of spinners, dyers, knitters and crocheters really burns me!

Vendors had some Christmas things out, and I liked these ornaments.  I did not buy a kit as I do not have the patience or skills to make it.

I loved this sign.  Seriously considered buying it, but thought my family might think I meant it (I do).

I enjoyed wandering around the area where some artists were hooking rugs, the skill and design sense on display was inspiring!

Wondering what I bought?  Nothing!  I looked through a table of vintage linens hoping to find a nice apron, or maybe a tablecloth to use as a background for shooting photos of finished yarns or knitted items.  No luck – nothing was quite right.  I did see a darling nightstand scarf that had a little black and white doggy holding a sign that said “Welcome Guest”, but as I have no guest room, that seemed a bit unnecessary.

The linens table threw me back in time to the days when I spent hours during summer vacation embroidering dresser scarves, pillow cases and dishtowels.  When I was growing up in the 60s and early 70s embroidery was taught to a lot of us girls by our mothers and grandmothers, as were knitting and crochet.  I was decent at embroidery and actually enjoyed doing it, but I refused to get into knitting or crochet.  I finally learned to knit when I was 49 and am still only a very mediocre crocheter.

My former mother in law tried to teach me to knit in the mid-80s, but she was a thrower and that just did not work for me, I just could not develop the coordination needed.  My mother finally convinced me to try again, but – she is a continental knitter and that I found I could manage.  It makes me a bit sad that I didn’t learn until I was almost 50 (all those years wasted!), but there’s nothing to be done about it…

On  our way home we stopped for lunch in the Mass Ave shopping/restaurant district.  We noticed something funny in the upstairs window of the place we ate.  Can you see it?

There is a lamp made of a leg in one of the windows.  Not for me – no body part furnishings in my house, please.  But it is funny and gets plenty of attention, I’m sure.

And no visit to the Mass Ave area of Indy would be complete without a visit to

I bought nothing here also, as I made a bit of a pig at myself at lunch.  The Chatham Tap has a massive black bean burger and I stuffed myself eating the whole thing and almost all the home made potato chips too.  It was very, very nice!  The burger was moist and flavorful, and not overly salty, which I find restaurant food often is.

I did get the old mystery spinning wheel Saturday, but no back story yet.   Waiting for a call from the owner/finder.  Hope the phone rings soon!