Frosty Times Two

It’s that time of year again, we had our first frost of the season Sunday evening.  It was mildly surprising to wake up see frost, it’s just a bit early for us this year, our usual frost date is Oct 11, we were three days ahead of schedule.  I guess that a pretty average date for the first frost, after our horrendously hot and dry summer.  Nice to see things are back to normal (I hope).

This weekend’s project will be cleaning out the garage so at least two cars can get in.  Craig was already complaining today (second frosty morning in a row) that he is tired of scraping his car.

Cecily will have to learn to get up a bit early and go out and start her car so she can see to drive to high school.  I remember the days of stumbling out of bed (college days for me), going out into the freezing Chicago dawn and getting the car going.  Don’t miss that at all!

Garage tidying is a good kid project, there is always a teenager around here looking to earn a buck or two!

My second frosty item is my Frosty Scarf in my Etsy shop.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the lovely color transitions and texture.

It’s a beauty and I’m very happy with it!

I’m hoping to finish the Wingspan shawl (although it is really more of a large scarf) today.  Then I plan to finish up something I dropped in mid-project, a mohair scarf.

I don’t really enjoy working with mohair, it can be  a bit tricky to see the stitches. In the past I haven’t enjoying wearing mohair as I find it a bit tickly, but it is very pretty and ethereal in a garment.  I adore the way it floats around the wearer!  I believe I will try to wear it again and see what happens.