A Little Mystery

My favorite librarian (and lovely person) Sharon M. sent me some photos of a spinning wheel that she has come across.   Here is the first one I received.

As you can see, the flyer is missing and there appears to be no drive band, or perhaps the remnants of one hanging off the wheel.  The whole wheel could stand a good cleaning and waxing (poor thing).  Looks to have been well used in the past judging by the footprint on the treadle.

Of course, my first thought is “we must identify the wheel, so we can find a flyer to fit”.  I am no expert, but as I recently bought my spinning wheel, I have been looking at dozens of different wheels in the last few months, so it wasn’t actually very difficult to identify that (unless I’m completely wrong, of course).

My first hunch was some type of Ashford wheel – it just has that traditional look that they stick with.   After researching (which mainly consisted of looking at Google images of spinning wheels), I believe it is an older Ashford Traditional.

I would love to learn more about it and I will eventually, once I make contact with the current owner (who I suspect inherited it from a relative or came across it in a basement, barn or attic).

I’d love to make it spin again!  Hopefully that will happen eventually, I can only wait and see.  Wish I was more patient and better at delayed gratification!  My brother will help me (and to be honest, will probably do a lot of the actual work – I will be technical advisor).

While I wait, I continue to spin.  Here’s what I’m spinning now.

I plan to  ply this with a pink single, and  will probably give this to my mother for her knitting or weaving enjoyment.  I will take my wheel outside and spin on my deck today – it’s going to be a lovely day here in Indy.