New Store

reTails opened their new adoption center (the store) on Friday, Oct 5. It’s far from finished, but the pets seemed to appreciate the improved facilities and bigger spaces.

Here are some pictures of the first evening.

The New Entrance

A Living Room For Kitties

Mia Is camera shy – can you see her?

Kitty Kitchen

Ernie approves.  He was adopted this weekend.

The dogs like their new kennels.  They can see visitors and their neighbors much better.

Doing two adoptions at a time is a big improvement!

Our First Adoptee In The New Store

reTails opened the first adoption center in October 2010.  Two years later we moved to the new store, which is four times larger, and next weekend we expect to do adoption number 2000.  We are making a big difference in turning Indianapolis into a community in which no healthy pet is killed for lack of a home.

Want to help?  Go to the website for info, or contact me via comments.