Welcome to Indigo Kitty Blogs

Welcome to the Indigo Kitty Blogs page.  I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while and I’ve decided to take the plunge.  Perhaps I’m the very last person in North America to have a blog, sometimes I do tend to lag behind on adopting new trends, I freely admit that.

What will I write about?  Yarn, books, cats, my volunteer work, my family, and anything else that interests me.

Today it will be yarn!  I am knitting a cowl that will be in my Etsy shop when completed.  It’s the Tiger Lily Cowl, I’m knitting it in Noro Shirakaba in pink.  Love this yarn, it’s amazing as it changes color and texture.  I have 2 skeins, a total of 272 yards.  Pattern calls for 216 yds , so I should have plenty.  I was knitting along Tuesday evening and had a moment of panic (as always happens when I start something new), “oh no, do I have enough yarn?”  I have run out a couple of times, and that feeling of panic is not something I want to repeat.  Went back to check pattern and yarn measurements so I could sleep Tuesday night.


I started knitting this cowl on Tuesday while meeting with my business partner, Cheryl, for our weekly knitting/strategizing/gossip session.  I tried to cast it on 3 times before we got together, for some reason it wouldn’t “take” until I was with her.   She’s magic!  And a fabulous partner, she’s good at all the business things I’m not, accounting, creating a “look” for our online shop, finding fabulous yarns at unbelievably low prices.  I’m good at writing descriptions and managing the actual shop website, so together, we make a strong team.  And she’s super-practical (I’m more of a dreamer); the shop wouldn’t exist without her gently pushing me to get things moving.I’m very lucky to have her as my friend and partner.Next time – books!