Frosty Fan and a Theater Party

I recently finished a scarf in Rowan Colourscape Chunky in the Frosty colorway.  I used the Mochi Chunky Fan Scarf pattern here.

I love the scarf!  It would look wonderful on someone with summery coloring, blond or light brown hair, blue or hazel eyes.  It will be in the Etsy shop later this week.

Had another good weekend, I worked in the reTails adoption center as store manager on Saturday morning (I did three adoptions, 2 gray kittens, and an 8 month old puppy who looked like a living teddy bear).  reTails is closing in on adoption number 2000 since 2010, and I’m so happy and proud to be part of that!

After that, I came home for a quick lunch, had a little nap, threw together a couple of quick dishes for a potluck and then went to a nice little theater party.

The Mud Creek Players hosted a “meet and greet” potluck in between work sessions on their new play, Man of La Mancha.  As a spouse, I was invited, so I toddled over there with my italian coleslaw and a giant container of red and green grapes.  And, to my delight, one of the actor families had brought along their new puppy, Sadie.

Sadie is an 11 week old lab mix, and she is absolutely charming.  I stupidly did not have my camera or you could have enjoyed a lovely picture.  She is black with darling white toes.  I had some fun walking her in the big open fields surrounding the barn.

From my obervation of rehearsals, I predict the play is going to be excellent, there is a big cast and a lot of singing, fighting windmills, etc.  It starts Nov 16, if you are looking for a fun kickoff to the holidays, order some tickets!

After a nice little dinner of coleslaw, lots of fruit, some delicious pretzel crackers (that I must purchase but cannot find in my stores) and baba ganoush, I left them to their work and drove home to knit.  Stayed up knitting and watching TV until midnight, which is insanely late for me.

I later heard, via my dear husband, that some people are hoping that I get up on the stage one day.  Yikes, the very thought makes me feel absolutely ill!