Studio Dreams

Can I tell you a secret?  Don’t tell my kids!

I’m planning a knitting studio!  Yes, really.

My oldest daughter is going off to college in the fall.  It’s not exactly that I’m happy to see her go, but, she’s going, so I want to make some big changes upstairs in sleeping arrangements.  I have a cunning plan.  An extra point to those of you who got that reference (hint, think Black Adder).

I’m going to take the biggest bedroom (which, oddly, isn’t the master bedroom!) and make it a studio!

Before we go any further, you may wonder why my master isn’t the biggest bedroom.  That’s a good question!  I have four bedrooms, the master is the 3rd smallest (not including the bathroom, which is on the smallish side).  I do have an entire wall of closets (not walk in).  Both of the bigger bedrooms have walk in closets – once of them even has two walk ins.  I can only think that in 1973, when my house was built, the era of huge master bedrooms hadn’t yet begun.  I suspect my builder thought he was brilliant when planning so many closets.  And, believe me, I’m very grateful for them!

Back to the secret plan – I’ll bet you can guess which one I’m confiscating.  That’s right, it’s the one with two walk-ins.

Youngest daughter will move into oldest daughter’s bedroom, and I will take her lovely room (which, as it houses a teenager, isn’t currently lovely at all).  When oldest daughter is home, she can sleep in the studio (note to self, research futons).

I have big plans and a nice little pinboard going.  Go take a look.  I’ll wait here.

I’m thinking big worktable, new laptop with printer, lots of yarn storage, everything neatly organized.  And a place to keep my spinning wheel out in the open where the cats won’t mess with it.  I will do a lot more yarn making!

Believe it or not, this will be a kitty free zone.  Kitties are welcome for supervised visits, but if I’m not there, the door is firmly closed with them on the outside.  Oh, it will be heaven.

I’d love to hear other fiber artists’ ideas about studio design.  Please do comment!

I have some lovely color scheme possibilities- I’m think a sort of apricot-y coral-mango, which will be warm and energizing.

How about this?  It’s monochromatic, so should be very relaxing.

Ranunculus Petals

Or this one?  Too cool perhaps?


Or this?  Lots of energy and perhaps would stimulate creativity?


Or this really springy color group?

Cut Spring

I got all these from Design Seeds.  She is an amazing colorist!

This is my current favorite (maybe just for today).  This is from Muse Digital Design.


Follow my pinboard to watch my ideas develop.  This is going to be really big project and I will probably change my mind about it all a dozen times.  I really do want input on the whole project, from color to layout to fiber studio must-haves.

If only I could figure out how to get a big sink in there…

Decluttering – Seven Things At A Time

My house feels like it’s about to explode with stuff. Some days it feels like every flat surface is covered with junk and all closets are filled to the brim.

too much crap

I read somewhere that a manageable way to get back to a beautiful place is to get rid of seven things a day. They can be given away, sold, recycled or just trashed. My first choice is always given away or sold. Things mostly end up given away. Second choice is the recycling bin. Last and least popular choice is the garbage can.

One day last week I went through the shelf of coffee cups. I was amazed to find I was holding onto four chipped or cracked cups, just because I loved them. Part of me said, “they are broken, junk them”. The other part responded, “but Peter gave that one to me”, or” I bought that with my mom in Michigan”. Like it is for many of us, it’s difficult for me to discard things that have memories attached, even though the actual memory is, of course, unaffected by trashing the physical item. That is one reason my house is full of stuff.

Another reason is my laziness.

Another reason – kids.  Mine are packrats.  It’s hard for them to let go of old things.  They aren’t naturally organized or neat.  They are super busy with school.   And they like clothes, makeup, shoes.  All this makes a perfect storm of clutter.

Here is my motto on this project.


Some days go better than others.  Lots of days I forget, or don’t get around to it, or just plain can’t be bothered.  But – I want to stop feeling this way.


So, I’ll keep trying.

And now, I’m going to go find 7 things to get rid of.


I am on a bit of an organizing binge here lately.  It’s mostly taking the form (at this moment) of making check lists, planning meals for more than 2 days out, and planning my blog posts.

I found some great free printables I wanted to share in case you are similarly inspired.

I love this checklist, because it has little boxes to check things off, plenty of lines to write,  space for monthly and weekly goals, and, to top it all off, it’s a pretty color.  This is from Jana Laurene, who says she is an artist, photographer and cupcake enthusiast.  Here’s a picture of this checklist.

Weekly Goal Chart in Blue

I really love checking off those little boxes!

I have a tip here – make a copy of the list and leave it at home if you go out with your original.  The first time I took it with me somewhere I lost it!  Horror!   Agony!  Trauma!  Had to redo the whole thing.  Could have kicked myself for taking the only original with me out of the house!

Here’s a menu planning chart I like, it’s got some green on it, and a nice long section for a grocery list!   The site calls it The Eat Sheet.  It’s the third document.  Check out all the other tools here too.

The Eat Sheet Menu Planner

Another new form I’m using is a weekly blog planner from Mommy Words.

Weekly Blog Planner

And my final new form is a Blog Brainstormer, which I’m finding incredibly useful, my first page is literally covered with ideas!  Many thanks to The Project Girl for this form

Blog Brainstormer

I recently read that for each minute spent planning, you later save 10 minutes, and I am finding that to be true (not to mention the much decreased stress level I’m noticing!).  Try it for yourself and see!

Now just need to figure out how to organize all that yarn!

Had strep throat last week, so did absolutely no knitting at all.  Boo, hiss.  Happy to be feeling better and getting things back to normal!