The Answers Are Within

Some days things get kind of crazy around here – it can all feel out of control.  Ever have one of those days?

And then there are the days with lots of questions arising, about my business, my creativity, what to have for dinner – you get the idea.

Some say the answers are within me, can this be true?

I do believe the answers really are in there, and waiting for me to access them. One way is through meditation.  If I only ask questions without waiting for any answers (which I do tend to do in “real life”), it’s really not possible for the solutions to come through, right?

I am trying to find meditation techniques I can fit into my busy day without devoting a big chunk of time.  I need ways to access my inner wise woman that I can do on the fly, in small pieces, and where ever I find myself.

I found an interesting technique recently.

Merci beaucoup to Goddess Leonie who turned me on to this very easy, very portable way to quiet my mind and go within.

I sit down somewhere (she suggests in the outside in the sunshine, which is in short supply right now in Indianapolis!), close my eyes, set an intention to access my Inner Goddess and receive her wisdom, and begin counting breaths.  I count to 100.

This has been amazing!  It can completely transform the energy of the moment I began into a calm, centered, peaceful one.

You many have some questions.

Q – Doesn’t this take a long time?

A – It doesn’t have to.  I don’t take 100 deep long breaths, I start out breathing deeply and gradually let the breath become whatever it needs to.  Too many deep breaths make me dizzy(er).

Q – I’m not comfortable with this Inner Goddess stuff – it’s not compatible with my religion.  Can I do this meditation technique some other way?

A – Think of it as a prayer time.  Whatever supreme being you recognize/worship can get through to you more quickly if you are quiet and receptive.  Make it easy for your information to get through!

Q – What if I lose track of the numbers?

A – Guess where you were.  Or you can always start again if you feel so inclined.

Q – What if I don’t have time to count to 100?

A – Try 75, or 50.  I don’t really feel like I’m relaxing into it until I’m at about 33, but results may vary.

Q – What if I want to do it somewhere that I’m not comfortable closing my eyes?

A – Just focus on some unmoving object.

I’d love to hear your results and if you adapt this technique at all, I’d love to hear about that too!

A beautiful image to close today.  I do not remember where it came from, unfortunately, I will try to be more careful about that in future.

Blessings to all my readers.

rose heart