Friday Finds – Feb. 5, 2016 Life Inside The Box


I’m still crazily obsessed with very interested in shipping container homes. I dream of building a smallish one for the two of us once all the kids are gone. My Pinterest board has lots of ideas.  Here are a few I really love!

shipping container

I love the texture and light in this living room.  I don’t envision anything quite this elaborate or large for us, but this is spectacular.

I can see myself in this kitchen.  I love the light and all the counter space.  A galley kitchen is very efficient too. Perhaps not all white, but I do like the layout.

Of course, business is jumping on this trend too.  Starbucks has a permanent store in Tukwila, Washington made of four shipping containers.

shipping container starbuck

A one floor layout is my dream, but this is so cool.  Perhaps not really practical for residential use, but I love it for a commercial building.

Shipping-Container angled stairs
From De Zeen Magazine

Containers can also be used as emergency housing for disaster victims.  FEMA could have floor plans ready to go and purchase containers from the nearest port.  High risk areas could have containers fitted out ready to be placed in service.  Containers can be stacked, so it seems like a very efficient and fairly inexpensive way to supply post disaster housing.  Emergency housing doesn’t have to be super luxurious, just basic shelter would be an improvement on tents. People  would have a decent place to live while rebuilding their lives after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy or an earthquake.

Could you live in a shipping container house?  Why or why not?