Christmas 2015 Gift Guide For Women

As a public service I am publishing this gift guide to assist the gift-giving challenged this holiday season.  Here are ten things any woman on your list will love.  The first five are from Amazon and the second are some of my very favorites from Etsy.

This Himalayan Salt Lamp is beautiful and unusual.   Not your ordinary run of the mill lump of salt.

Gorgeous, Right?


A lovely book for your favorite sock knitter.  I want this so badly!

Wow! I Want


My daughter went to China last summer and came home with the most amazing face masks ever.  Here’s one I love.  These create an incredible change in skin texture with just one use.

apple mask


I have a lot of fun with these oracle cards.  They are gorgeous fractal patterns and bring beauty and mindfulness into my life.  Instructions included, or use them in any way you can imagine.

return of spirit


A selfie stick is a great idea for your preteen or teen woman-to-be.  They are all addicted to group selfies and this will let them up the quality and the fun.  And self portraits are more flattering with a little more distance between shutter and subject than the average arm can provide, right? Built in remote bluetooth shutter means no cords to deal with, easy to use for everyone (even grandma).

selfie stick


This felted rose pin just makes me smile.  The colors, shape, everything about it are just perfect.

felted rose


For the woman in recovery, here’s a bracelet to help her focus on staying in the right mind frame.

recovery bracelet


For your favorite little bunny.  Can you imagine that little girl you love drinking hot chocolate from this darling mug?

bunny mug


Do you know a woman who is on her feet lot?  Maybe a long walk from the train to the office?  Or standing behind a counter?  These foot soak bombs are the perfect little indulgence for her.

orange thyme foot soak


Every woman you know could use a pair of fingerless gloves.  They make it so easy to use your phone, snap on the dog’s leash for the morning walk, find your car keys, and million other little tasks that need fingers.  These are from my Etsy shop, and there are many more pairs available.  Each are one of a kind, so you’ll never see another one quite the same anywhere.

fingerless globes


I really enjoyed creating this list, it’s always fun to shop for others.  I hope this list was helpful, even if it just got you thinking in a new direction.  I’d love to hear how you like my gift choices.



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