Friday Finds Nov. 13, 2016

It’s Friday the 13th!  Did you know the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia?  Say that three times quickly.

Here is a post I enjoyed about the obsession with youth that is so prevalent in our culture.  The author paints a beautiful word picture of an ancient abbey she happened upon while on a midnight drive.

If you like Jon Stewart, the former host of the daily show, you’ll be interested in this new book his wife has written.  Apparently they’ve outgrown their house due to the animals they care for.  Tracy is a former vet tech and has big plans to help more animals, which you’ll have to read the short article to learn about.  I’ll be reading this book soon myself.

Tracy Stewart's New Book
Tracy Stewart’s New Book – What A Beautiful Cover!

This post by Melissa Dinwiddie (who I greatly admire) titled “A Practice That Can Prevent Binge Eating And Increase Your Happiness” is full of wisdom.  If you struggle with beating yourself up over food (like me), please read it!

And the delicious fiber picture of the day!

Doesn't This Remind You Of Macarons?
Doesn’t This Remind You Of Macarons?  Visit My Etsy Store To See More Pictures.



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