Creating Yarn

I admit it, I love to spin and dye yarn. I can produce way more than than I can knit. And yet, I can’t stop! What to do with it all?

How about sharing it with the world? So, I’ve opened a new Etsy shop offering yarn I’ve created. Right now there are just a few hand spun yarns there. More are waiting to be photographed and added.

I have big plans for dyeing next week.

My kids start summer vacation today, so I’ll need a week or so to get organized and all of us into a summer rhythm, then – let the dyeing begin.

Here are the new hand spun yarns.

This one reminds me of a candy necklace.

Candy Necklace Yarn

And this makes me think of juicy grapes.

Grapes Hand Spun Yarn

The final one makes me think of seaweed glistening in a tide pool on a sunny day.  It is very sparkly!

Sparkling Seaweed Yarn

What would you make with one of these lovely yarns?


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