Spinning Once Again

I went to a spinning mini-class last weekend at my local favorite crackhouse for fiber addicts spinning shop, The Trading Posts for Fiber Arts. The teacher, spinning/knitting/yarn queen, Kate Larson, got me spinning again, and she gave me helpful personalized instruction on using my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel.   She helped me change my drive band (well, she did it and I watched carefully), showed me how to tighten things up, helped me oil all the right spots and generally just made me a lot more comfortable with my wheel. I spun up some pretty, muted yarn (a very small skein measuring about 69 yards), bought some dyed merino top in a gorgeous deep blue and purple colorway and just had a fabulous time.

The ladies present were quite amusing conversationalists.  Subjects ranged from Abraham Lincoln’s probable Marfan’s Syndrome to traditional Norwegian socks.  Apparently, these socks have a very colorful cuff, then a toothed pattern underneath that, and the rest of the sock (the foot) is white.  This is so any man other than your husband sees only the “teeth” at the bottom of your (long) dress.  Witty stuff.  We all laughed at that.

Eventually I wandered upstairs to the yarn sale area, and came away with lots of skeins of Cascade Eco Duo, my current favorite yarn in the world.  Watch for lots of pretty shawls, scarfs, and maybe an entrelac out of those. All in all, a very educational, entertaining and productive day. And then yesterday, I got out my wheel again.  First I plied some singles I had.  What do you think?  This colorway was called Birch.  I love the little gray parts, it really does remind me birch trees in summer.  I’ll be keeping this yarn for my greedy little self.

Birch yarn

And I found two other little single sections.  Here is one, shown with the Birch plied yarn.  I clearly have a thing for green and purple.

Purple-y Single

After that I spun 2 delicious singles in the new rich blue/purple colorway.  Just need to ply them, and then they will be available for purchase in the Etsy store.  Watch for pictures of that yarn soon.

All in all, I’d say I’m back on track with spinning.  I do find it difficult to take it up again after I haven’t used my wheel for a long time.  Not sure why, maybe just because I’m not a terribly experienced spinner and it’s kind of technical.  Need to remember my advice from my last post about practice making things easier.

I’m wondering what to do with small left over singles.  I’d love to hear what ideas other spinners have about those.  Please help a fellow spinner out and share in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Spinning Once Again”

  1. Small leftover singles can be plied back on themselves to make the popular mini skeins or if the colors don’t clash, ply them in sequence with another different/neutral colored (long)single to make a skein of many colors. Let your imagination be your guide and have fun..It looks like you like to spin the same type of varied/shaded colors that I have fun with:)

    1. Thanks for the great idea. I hadn’t thought of plying back on themselves. I have quite a few little balls of handspun that would be perfect for this!

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