The Square

One of the things Cheryl and I discovered at the craft fair we did in December is going to have a big impact on our future business.

We learned about The Square.

The Square goes to the farmer's market.Photo Credit
The Square goes to the farmer’s market.
Photo Credit

The first time I saw this little darling was when I bought my Ashford Traveller spinning wheel last July.  The Lady Peddler is a crackhouse for fiber addicts yarn and fiber shop housed in a turn of the 20th century (or maybe earlier, I am certainly not an architecture queen) building in the tiny town of Hastings, in western Michigan.

It was a gorgeous place – full of hand dyed fiber, fabulous yarn, spinning wheels, pattern books, everything the well stocked  crackhouse for fiber addicts yarn and fiber shop should be.  There were very high stamped tin ceilings and wide, creaky floor boards (maybe pine?), along with an ancient and well preserved  black and gold cash register.

Apparently that beautiful cash register is just for ambience, because when I pulled out my visa card to pay for my wheel, she picked up her Iphone, and ran my card through the little white square plugged into it.  She nicely asked if I wanted my receipt emailed or printed out.  I chose email so I couldn’t lose it.

On the way back to our rented vacation house my mother and I marvelled about how cool that whole thing was.  Sadly, (but not surprisingly) I completely failed to see any connection to my own business.

Fast forward to craft fair in December, someone asked us if we could take a credit card.  Cheryl and I looked at each other helplessly, and I overheard someone say something about a square.  The lightbulb went off, Cheryl dug out her cell phone, and hey presto – we are in business to take credit cards.  We have next day deposit into our linked bank account, and a reasonable fee of 2.75% per transaction.  That is cheaper than Paypal.

Maybe we are the last small business in North America to start using a credit card reader (but I doubt it).  I have discovered that PayPal has something similar, and Google too.  Many more will be coming soon, I’m sure., the creaters of The Square, will mail you one free, but if you are in a hurry, you can get them everywhere for around $10.  Walmart, Staples and Walgreens all carry them – this is what makes me think we are not the last business to begin using them, but we certainly are not early adopters.

Now, I just need an Iphone like Cheryl has.  That’s another post…

3 thoughts on “The Square”

    1. Apparently, the UK has one called mPowa, which I find quite an amusing name. The Square appears to be available only in the US, according to my very cursory research.

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