Studio Dreams

Can I tell you a secret?  Don’t tell my kids!

I’m planning a knitting studio!  Yes, really.

My oldest daughter is going off to college in the fall.  It’s not exactly that I’m happy to see her go, but, she’s going, so I want to make some big changes upstairs in sleeping arrangements.  I have a cunning plan.  An extra point to those of you who got that reference (hint, think Black Adder).

I’m going to take the biggest bedroom (which, oddly, isn’t the master bedroom!) and make it a studio!

Before we go any further, you may wonder why my master isn’t the biggest bedroom.  That’s a good question!  I have four bedrooms, the master is the 3rd smallest (not including the bathroom, which is on the smallish side).  I do have an entire wall of closets (not walk in).  Both of the bigger bedrooms have walk in closets – once of them even has two walk ins.  I can only think that in 1973, when my house was built, the era of huge master bedrooms hadn’t yet begun.  I suspect my builder thought he was brilliant when planning so many closets.  And, believe me, I’m very grateful for them!

Back to the secret plan – I’ll bet you can guess which one I’m confiscating.  That’s right, it’s the one with two walk-ins.

Youngest daughter will move into oldest daughter’s bedroom, and I will take her lovely room (which, as it houses a teenager, isn’t currently lovely at all).  When oldest daughter is home, she can sleep in the studio (note to self, research futons).

I have big plans and a nice little pinboard going.  Go take a look.  I’ll wait here.

I’m thinking big worktable, new laptop with printer, lots of yarn storage, everything neatly organized.  And a place to keep my spinning wheel out in the open where the cats won’t mess with it.  I will do a lot more yarn making!

Believe it or not, this will be a kitty free zone.  Kitties are welcome for supervised visits, but if I’m not there, the door is firmly closed with them on the outside.  Oh, it will be heaven.

I’d love to hear other fiber artists’ ideas about studio design.  Please do comment!

I have some lovely color scheme possibilities- I’m think a sort of apricot-y coral-mango, which will be warm and energizing.

How about this?  It’s monochromatic, so should be very relaxing.

Ranunculus Petals

Or this one?  Too cool perhaps?


Or this?  Lots of energy and perhaps would stimulate creativity?


Or this really springy color group?

Cut Spring

I got all these from Design Seeds.  She is an amazing colorist!

This is my current favorite (maybe just for today).  This is from Muse Digital Design.


Follow my pinboard to watch my ideas develop.  This is going to be really big project and I will probably change my mind about it all a dozen times.  I really do want input on the whole project, from color to layout to fiber studio must-haves.

If only I could figure out how to get a big sink in there…

4 thoughts on “Studio Dreams”

  1. I like the Petals on and Cut Spring! Those are beautiful color combos! Good luck designing and decorating. I have a tiny little rectangular craft room that houses our big desk top, my sewing table, a big tv stand with a small tv and stereo and a futon that takes up most of one wall…I did get hubby to install some of those cube shelves at the one end so I could store my yarns in baskets and have a place to put my crafting books. And I keep my room pet and child free with the use of a big baby gate. Gook luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks for your ideas, Sara! I have been thinking about shelving – I have some empty cheap white plastic shelves in the basement, that’s probably what I’ll use in the beginning. They can hold books and baskets or bins of yarn and supplies. I also have a couple of 6′ long school lunch tables. I’ll probably move one of those up there too. And I have an extra couch and a couple of wing chairs in the basement. I want to place one of those so I have a place to sit and knit where I can look out the windows. They look into the top of a very pretty locust tree that’s full of activity (squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and the occasional naughty kitty) year round. Hadn’t thought of sound, I might spring for an Ipod (I’m the last person in North America without one), and an IHome. Then I could listen to music or podcasts (which I really love), while knitting, designing or just dreaming. I tend to prefer silence – since I have 3 teenage daughters it’s pretty noisy around here right now! And I really, really hate earbuds, so I just don’t bother. This will give me a place to listen to things I like without bothering the others. Oh, it just gets better and better!

  3. Ooh lucky you. I did the same when my eldest son moved out only it was the smallest room. Then I moved into the next from biggest room, but soon I’m moving back into the smallest. You will absolutely love redesigning that room. I shall look forward to seeing what you do with it.

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