DPNs vs. Circulars

I am a die-hard circular needle user.  When making hats, gloves, or anything else small and round, I dig out my circular needles and go to it.  This means I need 2 sets of needles free (since I need 2 sets for this to work), and I have to manage all the cords.  I like the end product and that when finished with stitches on needle number one I can just drop the needle and move right on to needle number two.

This has caused me to develop the bad habit of just dropping a needle when I’m done with it – it’s hysterically funny to me how many times I drop a straight needle right onto the floor before my brain adjusts.   I have to drop a needle literally 20 times before I get it.

I have tried to use DPNs in the past.  Here is a photo that illustrates how it seemed to me.

photo credit YarnsandThreads.com
photo credit YarnsandThreads.com

But I’ve decided to try again, so, the Knitpicks order I submitted last night included a couple sets of DPNs to play with.  I ordered a pair to make worsted weight gloves (I’m going to be making a lot of those over the summer), and a pair to make the Fair Isle mittens I’ll be making soon.

I also ordered a circular needle for the mittens, just in case I can’t make it work.

I wonder what my readers who knit prefer.  Please take the little poll below (it’s only one question), and I’d love you to comment about why you like the ones you use most.

I guess I will look for some YouTube videos on using DPNs to help me get going. Watch for further developments in this learning process.


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