Journey to Fair Isle Begins

I’ve had my Fair Isle knitting lesson and I really want to thank my teacher, Wendy. She found my lack of patience amusing (she said I was “funny”, I hope that wasn’t code for “annoying”).  That is a good wake up call for me – I tend to be quite impatient.  Many people have said to me “I couldn’t knit, I don’t have the patience”.  I typically respond  “Knitting helps to increase my patience”.  Clearly, I have a way to go in this area!

I am ready to take the plunge into Fair Isle, and I’ve chosen my first pattern. It’s going to be Temple Cats , designed by Suzanne Frary, knit in Knitpicks City Tweed DK.  I’ve loved this pattern since I first set eyes on it, at least a year ago.

Photo Credit Susanne Frary
Photo Credit Susanne Frary

For the background I’ve chosen Kitten, described as having soft hints of camel, ecru, light wheat and cream, and the kitties will be a watery blue. I have one lonely ball of Poseidon, a discontinued color, that’s been knocking around my stash for a few years (leftover from a sweater). It’s time has come!

I really love this yarn, it’s super soft and very beautiful.  It’s 55% merino wool, 25% superfine alpaca, and 20% donegal tweed.

Why this pattern, you may ask?  Well – I love kitties, of course.  It’s relatively simple, and I think a DK weight yarn might be slightly easier to work with than fingering weight for a beginner like me.  I’ve knit some hats, socks and mitts already, so now will be adding the colorwork as the only really new technique.

Going to push the order button tonight on the yarn and pattern.  Watch this space for progress.


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