New Mexico Shawl

I finished the turquoise and orange shawl and it’s now available in the Etsy shop. It reminds me of the desert southwest, New Mexico in particular.  As I was knitting it in public (at Panera, waiting rooms, etc.), a lot of people commented on the great colors, and mentioned New Mexico.  It was a favorite of the public!

I’m very happy with the colors (which will look great on almost anyone), the drape, the texture and the shape of this shawl.  It’s a winner, and I’m sure I’ll knit this pattern again very soon.  I have some KnitPicks Chroma that I plan to use on version 3 of this pattern.  You may remember version 1 was Noro Silver Thaw.

I almost hope no one buys this, as I wouldn’t mind at all if I get to keep it.  I seem to say that about a lot of my finished items!

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