Mesa Wingspan and Fingerless Gloves

I finished the latest Wingspan shawl, in KnitPicks Chroma Fingering weight yarn.  The colorway is Mesa.  I love the way it turned out, but I was absolutely on the edge of my seat as I finished, I was quite uncertain whether or not I’d have enough yarn.

Ravelry has a lot of these shawls made in the same yarn, with comments by the knitters about having 6 inches of yarn left.  I just can’t take that kind of stress!  I ended up with 3.3 yards of extra yarn.

Someone who loves the desert southwest would really enjoy this!  Many folks who saw me knitting this at Panera this week stated “that reminds me of New Mexico”.

I also put up a new Etsy listing this morning.  It’s a super snuggly pair of fingerless gloves.

The yarn is a wool, alpaca and silk blend, slightly nubbly.  Very toasty and soft, some lucky buyer will be very happy with them.

The entrelac scarf I put in the Etsy shop just the other day sold today to a lovely lady all the way in Australia!  I know she’ll really love it and treasure it for years. We are already planning another one in a different Noro yarn.  Cheryl likes doing entrelac and we both love the results (as do so many fashionistas).  I will be learning entrelac soon.  Stay tuned for that drama.

2 thoughts on “Mesa Wingspan and Fingerless Gloves”

    1. Sorry, I just saw this. And unfortunately, I don’t have any Mesa left. Wish I could help you.

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