Renaissance Man

Craig was in the cast at the Fishers (IN) Renaissance Fair last weekend. Here’s a picture of him in his costume, looking thoughtful – very impressive.  As soon as he came home he shaved off most of that facial hair, it was driving him crazy!

The rest of the family did not attend, since it rained heavily for 24 hours before the opening, and we didn’t relish walking around a 45 degree mud field.  We’ll go next year.  We were sorry to miss the sword fight and the jousting!

I added another item to my Etsy shop yesterday.  This gorgeous Entrelac Wrap was knit by Cheryl in a fabulous Noro yarn; it’s made of wool, silk, cashmere, alpaca, angora, camel and kid mohair.  It’s super cuddly and really incredible to see and touch in person.  It would make a spectacular gift for a fashionista with a winter birthday or for Christmas.  It would also look brilliant on the back of a couch, ready to snuggle into when you are a bit chilly in the evening or on an early morning weekend (can you tell I’m a morning person?).

We have lots of fingerless gloves coming into the shop soon.  We sold out of these last year, so we are busy making more than we had in stock in 2011.  I remember one person bought several pairs and really wished we could make more in time.  So, this year, we are starting early!  I hope we can meet the demand.  Better go do some knitting…


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