More on  crazy shopping; here is a photo of youngest daughter’s shoes when we got home from Costco last Sunday.

She was in a hurry when we left!

I went out with two different shoes once when I was about 28 – to work!  Must have been tired (or hungover) that day.  I know I wasn’t late – I’m not a person who is ever late for work.  That job started at 8, I was usually at work well before 7.  (Morning person!)

I noticed around 2 pm, then was in an agony of despair for the rest of the workday.  Thank heavens I mostly sat at my big, solid desk at that job.

Have you ever left the house with unmatched shoes?  If so, how long did it take you to notice?

2 thoughts on “Shoes”

  1. Embarrassing is a mild way to put it! I thought I’d die before it was time to go home… I was absolutely overwhelmed with horror. (I was younger then! haha)

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