Vegan Eating and Another Etsy Shop Update

People ask me all the time “what do vegans eat?”   I was at the dentist for my routine cleaning a couple of days ago and the hygienist was saying how little build up I have, must be that I have “good saliva”.   I asked her if what we eat has any effect on tartar build up.   She said she thought it probably does.

So, I mentioned I eat a vegan diet, and of course, her first question was “what do you eat???” in a shocked voice.  I laughed and said “plants”.  She then asked routine question number 2 “where do you get your protein??”.  I replied “seeds, nuts, tofu, and vegetables”.  Thinking back I should have added “the cows eat only grass (unless they are force fed corn), they seem to get plenty of protein”.  But, it’s a good policy not to be too snarky to the person probing your gums with a sharp instrument.

She couldn’t fathom what kind of meals I eat, and I’ve heard that a lot before, so here’s this week’s dinner menu.

Monday – Taco Salad and quesadilla made with vegan cheese (Daiya is my favorite vegan cheese, kudos to my Kroger for carrying it!)

Tuesday – Pasta with jarred sauce and roasted vegetables

Wednesday – Sauteed Tofu in bottled teriyaki sauce with rice, green beans and a raw vegetable salad

Thursday – Vegetable Soup (homemade in my pressure cooker) and a bought italian round bread from La Brea Bakery

Friday (today) – Couscous and curried vegetables, I will probably sprinkle some pepitas (pumpkin seeds) on mine

Saturday – Veggie plates (like Cracker Barrel, only vegan)  Baked potatoes, salad or maybe cole slaw, carrots, and probably green beans (we love them a lot!), maybe corn.  It’s possible I’ll get ambitious and make some french bread or something similar.

Sunday – Potato and cauliflower curry (with peas), basmati rice, probably with a raw vegetable salad.

All meals here are served with seasonal fresh fruit (right now sliced peaches or nectarines, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, quartered oranges, etc.)

Doesn’t sound too spartan, does it?  Kids seem to like it, and we are all pretty healthy (my cholesterol is awesome!).  My 17 year old daughter was texting me from school (study hall) on Tuesday – here is her text verbatim  –  “tofu tofu tofu 🙂 can we have tofu tonite pls pls pls”  I was laughing pretty hard, never thought I’d have teenagers begging for tofu!

I try to keep meals pretty simple for the most part.  Vegan cooking is just like SAD (Standard American Diet) cooking; it can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

We had another big update in our Etsy shop this week with lots of gorgeous new knitted accessories.  I’d love to hear feedback on our photos and products.  Suggestions on what you’d like to see in the shop are also welcome.

Here’s a great crimson ruffled silk scarf.

This is an unusual wrap/scarf that Cheryl knit (these are all hers, actually).  She has a fabulous eye for patterns, she will knit something I think is nothing special and it always turns out wonderfully.  She gives me lots of coaching on pattern selection (thank goodness).  This is Noro yarn in beautiful jewel tones.  The wrap is knit in wedge sections that make it curve around the body.

The red hot chunky cowl.

And, it’s partner, the watercolor version.

The pink variegated scrunchy cowl

The mohair rainbow cowl

The pinky-peachy hand dyed cotton ruffled scarf

The neutral wool/silk/angora cowl (maybe my favorite of this batch, it reminds me of the winter woods).  This is Noro yarn.

And, to finish – the Pink Roses Cowl.

I’d love to hear which is your favorite!

2 thoughts on “Vegan Eating and Another Etsy Shop Update”

  1. I love Daiya too! People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I don’t eat meat. Of course, in addition to being vegan I’ve got intolerances to soy & wheat, so I can understand why I might get even more weird looks. But it still surprises me when people are so flabbergasted over regular vegan or vegetarianism.

  2. Your Etsy products are lovely today. The interesting thing is that each one will appeal to a different person. My favourite is your favourite – the angora neutral cowl. I love Autumn colours.

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