Completed Projects

I updated my Etsy shop yesterday with several finished items.  One million thanks to Cheryl, my business partner, who has become a fantastic photographer.  Her pictures just sing!

Here is a cowl I knit on Labor Day.  I really love the fall colors!  It’s a Noro 100% wool yarn.

And, a shawl I knit last winter.  The colors on this one are fabulous, too.  I call this the Vineyard Shawl.  This one was lots of fun to knit, I really enjoyed watching the color changes.  This is knit in Kureyon, one of my favorite Noro wools.

Something else I knit is this pretty shawlette, called A Perfect Day at the Beach.  I kept dreaming of the beach as I knit it, the colors made me think of one of those great beach days with blue skies, a little breeze and lots of cool water.

Here’s the Plum Tree Scarf, knit in a terrific Noro yarn that is silk, cotton and wool.  Fabulous nature inspired colors and wonderful texture are this yarn’s trademarks.

Cheryl finished some great things recently too.  I don’t know how she finds time to knit so many items!  She is the most productive knitter I know.

Here’s a cowl she just made.  This is the Royal Burgundy cowl, the yarn is so smooshy and warm, it’s 64% wool, 24% silk, 12% angora, and 100% wonderful!

And, she recently completed this completely gorgeous Leaf Scarf in another 100% wool Noro yarn.

She made another Leaf Scarf too, in a different colorway.  This one is wool and silk.  It’s also beautiful.

Here’s a vividly colored Ruffled Scarf she knit from Noro yarn.   This yarn is silk, cotton and wool.

There are a few more new items too.  I’ll feature them next time.

I’ve been spinning, here’s a picture of my latest single in progress.

I’ll have a finished yarn from this soon.  The vibrant colors are a joy to spin, and the roving (blue faced leicester) is lots of fun to work with too.

Hope to get some spinning (or rather plying) time in today.  A couple of kitties have a doctor visit this morning so stealth preparations must begin soon for the transport operation.  Really looking forward to that (not).


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