A Winner! And A Slight Problem

In my last post I told you about a big yarn giveaway (3 balls a month for a year) at The Making Spot (go enter!).  Well, as hard as it is to believe – I am a winner in a give away from Traditions Fiber Arts in Linden, TX.   I won a really lovely, soft, shiny 4 oz. bamboo roving in a delicate Honeydew colorway.  Thanks so much to Judy W. who had to try so hard to contact me to let me know I had won.  I adore the roving and will spin  it very soon!

Here’s a close up picture of a recently finished item.  Can you see the bit of grass still in the yarn?  That’s Noro for you.  I really enjoy seeing pieces of the field where the sheep spent all her time before shearing!  I think a lot of Noro fans agree with me.

It’s the Dolores Park Cowl knit in Noro Hitsuji.  I really love this yarn.  It’s a joy to knit with, the color changes keep things interesting and, since it’s bulky, I knit this cowl in one day.  Actually, I haven’t yet met a Noro yarn I haven’t loved.  I have my faves (Kureyon, I’m talking to you), but they are all so amazing and unique.  Did you know that Kureyon means “crayon” in Japanese.  Well named!

I mentioned a slight problem.  Last night I went to a convention watching party, and as we watched the speeches, ate heaps of fabulous guacamole, and drank ginger ale,  I knit like a fiend on this shawl.

To my horror I can see I do not have enough yarn.  These are words every knitter dreads (and it’s happened to all of us).  If you have an extra ball of Mini Mochi, colorway 101, dyelot 149, that you would be willing to sell or trade please let me know!  I called two local knitting shops with no luck, and there is no one on Ravelry who lists some of this yarn as for sale.  I could hardly sleep last night worrying about this (well, maybe it was all that ginger ale).

Off to try to eke out one more triangle from that tiny ball.   I will still be 2 triangles short of the “real” pattern.  I have a bad feeling about this…

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