Esty Shop Updated with Lots of New Loot!

Warning – this one has lots of photos!

My business partner, Cheryl, as always, has been super knitter.  She has recently completed several gorgeous new items and I uploaded them today into our Etsy shop.  Thought you might like a peek!

First we have the red Noro cowl.  Cheryl says it’s hot pink, I say it’s red.  I guess the eventual buyer will decide.

And a little close up.

Next we have another Noro cowl, this time in brown and pink.

And then there is the hazel, green and brown cowl!

One more finished item is the Noro rainbow scarf.

And, not to be completely useless, I have finished a hand spun yarn and it’s now in the Etsy shop.

I would love to know what all my knitting and fashionista friends think!

My next post will actually include some finished knitting I have completed.  Imagine that!

One thought on “Esty Shop Updated with Lots of New Loot!”

  1. All lovely!. I like the variety of subtle colours in your hand-spun yarn. To my eyes the first cowl is red, red, red! Everyone sees colours differently it seems. My husband swears one our pink chairs is brown!!!

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