Book Review – The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos

This book is subtitled The Best Techniques for Showcasing Your Handmade Creations.

I was having a lot of trouble photographing hand spun and hand dyed yarn for my Etsy shop.  My photos were too blurry, too boring, too dull; they didn’t do my products justice at all.  I saw this book somewhere and requested from the library.

I read it on vacation and it was very helpful!  Pictures in my Etsy shop now  are crisp, clear, well-lit and show my lovely products off to their best advantage.  Here’s one.

Candy Necklace Yarn

I’ve read a review somewhere saying that this book isn’t all that helpful for knowledgeable  photographers and I do agree with that.  But it’s a great resource for creative people who don’t know much about photography (that’s me!).

There’s a lot of basic information about light, understanding how cameras work and how to operate them (a lot of this was news to me), choosing backgrounds, props, etc.   Point and shoot and DSLR cameras are both discussed, which makes this useful to a wide range of photographers.

The author features an interview with photographs in several different creative areas.  For example, she talks with a knitter, a jewelry designer, and a ceramic artist among others.  The interviews ask questions that I would ask and many of them apply across the board to lots of different creations.

And the photos are gorgeous!  I got a lot of inspiration just looking at them (and was able to pass on an idea to a jewelry designer I know).

I liked this book so much I purchased a copy for myself.  It would also make a nice gift for someone starting an Etsy (or Ebay) business,  or a blogger you know who struggles to take great photos.  (Christmas is coming, you know!)

If you are not happy with the photos you currently take of your creations, check this book out!  I think you will find it very helpful.

And, here is what I spun yesterday, love the watercolor blurry look of it.  I have been on a bit of a pink jag lately.  My next yarn will not feature much pink!


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