Spinning Fever

For quite a while I’ve been wanting to take the plunge into spinning.  I bought a spindle and played with that for a couple of months and really enjoyed it.  Here is a picture of a pretty yarn while it was in progress that I spun on my hand spindle.   It’s finished (and sold) now.

So, I realized I really like spinning and creating yarn, but that I could never be very fast with a spindle.  In June I began looking for a wheel.  It’s quite overwhelming – there are lots of wheels around.  Did I want something traditional?  Modern?  From a big name manufacturer?  Or a new, independent maker?  Lots of decisions.

I rented a wheel for a month from my local fiber dealer, The Trading Post for Fiber Arts, and played with it.  It was a Majacraft Suzie, which is a beautiful wheel, but at $1055 list price, a bit too rich for my blood, especially for my first wheel.  Here’s a picture of a Suzie.

It’s very modern and untraditional looking!  I’m not sure that everyone would recognize this as a spinning wheel!

On vacation in Michigan I visited The Lady Peddler, where I bought an already assembled Ashford Traveller.  It wasn’t at all what I thought I’d end up with, and I’m not sure it’s my permanent long term wheel, but things are improving quickly!

It’s very traditional looking (not my thing really), and the bobbins are really much too small for my liking, but I’m getting better at using it and it will do for now.

Here’s a picture of the Traveller.  I think everyone would recognize this as a spinning wheel!

What I do like about it is that it uses kite string for the band on the wheel (easy and inexpensive to replace) and it’s very portable.  I take it out to my deck all the time – I love to work outside if the weather is at all reasonable.  Today I will take my wheel to show my wonderful business partner (and friend) Cheryl, and our great friend Carryn – we will be having a little knitting party.

The cool thing about spinning wheels is that they seem to hold their value really well.  I should be able to sell it for what I paid (or close to that) when I’m ready to move on, and someone else will get a nice wheel that is well broken in and spins beautifully.

Having lots of fun!  Here is a picture of some yarn I just finished.  It’s 100% wool, 2 ply, a gorgeous colorway I call Candy Necklace.

2 thoughts on “Spinning Fever”

  1. I’ve got an Ashford Traveller too and I love it. You have soon picked up the craft, haven’t you! I’m impressed. The yarns are lovely. Now I’m waiting to see what you make with them? or are you going to spin and sell? Do tell what your plans are.

    1. Will spin for myself and to sell. Love love love spinning, so relaxing (when it’s going well) and I like making something organized out of something disorganized! Go take a look at my Etsy shop if you’d like to see some things I’ve made. http://www.etsy.com/shop/IndigoKittyKnits
      Thanks for the lovely comment!

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