Charts Made Simple

Today I am reviewing a knitting book called Charts Made Simple by JC Briar.  The book is subtitled understanding knitting charts visually – and that says it all.

Charts Made Simple

JC is a genius, in my opinion.  This book is clearly written and well thought out; it’s the best book I’ve seen on knitting from a chart.  You may wonder why you need to learn to knit from a chart – well, I used to knit from the written instructions.  I avoided those charted only patterns like the plague, because I didn’t understand them.  After reading this book, I understand how they are written, how to read them, how to knit from them and how to create them!  And I spend a lot less time tinking (unknitting) to fix silly mistakes.

There are lots of good illustrations that are big enough to see with clear explanations of what is shown.  She also offers exercises to practice the new skills learn (an answer key is included).

I learned I was reading them the wrong way around and covering up the wrong parts, and that was the big reason they were so difficult for me.

I learned how to read cable charts and how simple cables really are.

I learned how to read charts that show changes in shape, how to get back on track after I do something wrong, to enlarge a chart to make it easier to read – these are all things that were not intuitive for me.

I bought the book at my local yarn store for $17.95 and it was worth every penny,  You’ll find it a useful addition to your knitting library, and will refer to it many times, especially when learning a new charted technique,  like cabling or working with multi-stitch symbols.   Ask your yarn shop if they carry it or will order it for you.  You won’t be sorry, as you’ll soon be an expert user of knitting charts!