I am on a bit of an organizing binge here lately.  It’s mostly taking the form (at this moment) of making check lists, planning meals for more than 2 days out, and planning my blog posts.

I found some great free printables I wanted to share in case you are similarly inspired.

I love this checklist, because it has little boxes to check things off, plenty of lines to write,  space for monthly and weekly goals, and, to top it all off, it’s a pretty color.  This is from Jana Laurene, who says she is an artist, photographer and cupcake enthusiast.  Here’s a picture of this checklist.

Weekly Goal Chart in Blue

I really love checking off those little boxes!

I have a tip here – make a copy of the list and leave it at home if you go out with your original.  The first time I took it with me somewhere I lost it!  Horror!   Agony!  Trauma!  Had to redo the whole thing.  Could have kicked myself for taking the only original with me out of the house!

Here’s a menu planning chart I like, it’s got some green on it, and a nice long section for a grocery list!   The site calls it The Eat Sheet.  It’s the third document.  Check out all the other tools here too.

The Eat Sheet Menu Planner

Another new form I’m using is a weekly blog planner from Mommy Words.

Weekly Blog Planner

And my final new form is a Blog Brainstormer, which I’m finding incredibly useful, my first page is literally covered with ideas!  Many thanks to The Project Girl for this form

Blog Brainstormer

I recently read that for each minute spent planning, you later save 10 minutes, and I am finding that to be true (not to mention the much decreased stress level I’m noticing!).  Try it for yourself and see!

Now just need to figure out how to organize all that yarn!

Had strep throat last week, so did absolutely no knitting at all.  Boo, hiss.  Happy to be feeling better and getting things back to normal!

2 thoughts on “Organizing”

  1. I`m a real checklist girl, always have been. Can`t function without them, I always have a notebook with a permanent to do list in it. It is very therapeutic to tick things off. Sometimes I even write things on that i have just done just so I can tick them off , ha ha !
    Love your blogs
    Toni xx

    1. I’ll have to start writing things on my list just so I can check them off. That’s a good idea, my list grows all day, when I look back it sometimes seems like it was a bit of a lazy day, and I’ll think “but, I was busy all day”.

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