Pinterest Has Caught My Interest

I found this great new (to me) website called Pinterest.  You create a virtual bulletin board on any subject that you fancy.  I have boards on books, food, knitting, Indigo Kitty Knits creations, travel, gardens, cats, and I’m sure the list will continue to expand.

The great thing about this is that you can find these things again when you want them (and they are all photos, so it’s wonderful eye candy).  So if I notice a yarn I want to knit with I can just pin it to my knitting board, and it will be there when I come back.

What a great way to organize information!  Someone is a genius.

Here’s a post explaining in great detail how this all works.

The thing to remember is the quickest way to get started is to get an invitation from someone who is already signed up, otherwise  there is a wait for some reason.  I have heard a few days to several weeks, but who knows.  If you are ready to check it out let me know via the comments and I’ll send you an invite.  DO NOT put your email in the comment box, just a request for an invite please.

I will warn you, it’s a bit addictive!

Here is what’s going on in my garden (such as it is) right now.


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