Inside Spring

It’s not quite spring yet here in Indianapolis, but I have a raging case of spring fever. I’ve made a pretty terrarium that sits on my dining room table, and last weekend I bought a couple of small phalaenopsis orchids to sit with it too.

I’ve got orchids on the brain, I’m afraid. I went to the Orchids by Hausermann greenhouse on my visit to Chicago last weekend. Their annual open house is Feb 24 – 26 and March 3 -5 this year.  Our new family tradition is to visit the weekend prior, to avoid all the crowds, and we still see all the fabulous plants and get a blast of springtime.  I stupidly forgot my camera, but I do have some photos I took at home.

Phalaenopsis 'Kitty Face' - I didn't buy it for the name, I swear

My spring fever is also manifesting as an irresistible desire to repaint the entire first floor of the house.  I’m sick to death of tan, and ready for something fresh and lovely.  Pink, turquoise and fresh bright green are my picks, poor Craig will be living in a Barbie tea party for a while, I guess.  Something like this, with turquoise added.

Add turquoise and you've got it

Love the site I took this from – Design Seeds.  She has dozens and dozens of beautiful color palettes you can use for home decor, weddings, the sky’s the limit.  She’s a color genius!

So, Lydia has been press-ganged into painting, my downstairs powder room is now a shocking pink shade that puts me in mind of an orchid everytime I go in there.  It’s pretty and clean (for the moment – nothing stays clean long in a house with 3 teenagers and 7 cats!), and I am liking it a lot.  Still many hours of work ahead, but Lydia is always looking for ways to make money, so, I will bribe her to paint a little every weekend until it’s all done.

I’ve been knitting a bit, the Mae Geri scarf is all done, and the new project is called Little Shells, which I’m knitting in a 100% silk yarn from Alchemy.  The yarn is Silk Purse, the color is Dylan’s Blue Depths, it’s a lovely watery silvery blue, nice for spring!

Little Shells Shawl - color is off, but pattern is clear

I have a new foster kitty now, her name is Felicity because she is so pretty and sweet, super friendly and loving.  She has really great markings, they make me think of a reticulated python.  She is only about 7 months old, already spayed and ready for her forever family.  I’ll be kissing her goodbye soon, I imagine.

Felicity is a very pretty girl

Going outside to enjoy a bit of sunshine now!  Maybe a cup of tea and a bit of knitting (I have things in a little tangle right now – got to sort it all out before I can move forward – shouldn’t talk and knit at the same time when I’m doing a tricky part I guess!).

Pinterest Has Caught My Interest

I found this great new (to me) website called Pinterest.  You create a virtual bulletin board on any subject that you fancy.  I have boards on books, food, knitting, Indigo Kitty Knits creations, travel, gardens, cats, and I’m sure the list will continue to expand.

The great thing about this is that you can find these things again when you want them (and they are all photos, so it’s wonderful eye candy).  So if I notice a yarn I want to knit with I can just pin it to my knitting board, and it will be there when I come back.

What a great way to organize information!  Someone is a genius.

Here’s a post explaining in great detail how this all works.

The thing to remember is the quickest way to get started is to get an invitation from someone who is already signed up, otherwise  there is a wait for some reason.  I have heard a few days to several weeks, but who knows.  If you are ready to check it out let me know via the comments and I’ll send you an invite.  DO NOT put your email in the comment box, just a request for an invite please.

I will warn you, it’s a bit addictive!

Here is what’s going on in my garden (such as it is) right now.

Restoring My Faith in Humanity

I am Operations Manager for a pet rescue group called reTails.  We have a store in a local mall that we open on weekends to do pet adoptions.  Sometimes we hear things that really make us question our faith in people.

Last Sunday a young female cat was found in a bag in the donations at a Goodwill store on the west side.  One of their volunteers took the kitty to a local Petco, who referred her to our volunteer, Scott.  He is a cat rescuer deluxe, and has rescued hundreds of cats!  I want to be like him when I grow up.  Scott met the Goodwill person the next day, and she surrendered the kitty to us.  She kindly gave us a $50 donation to help the cat.

The sad part is, none of us were surprised about this, but, of course, we were very angry.  The rants flew into our email inboxes all evening.

Yesterday, Scott got a call from Goodwill saying that there was a flyer up in their store about a lost cat that looked very much like the found kitty.  Scott called the person who had posted the flyer and they met last night.  It was their kitty, who had crawled into the donations while no one was paying attention (naughty, curious kitty).  They did not discover she was missing until after the boxes and bags had been taken to Goodwill.  They went to Goodwill to ask if a cat had been found, but the volunteer in the store didn’t know anything about it, so they posted a flyer and left.

The flyer stated that there was a $100 reward for the finder of the cat.  The kitty’s owner insisted that reTails take the reward, which she gave Scott all in one dollar bills except for a single five dollar bill.  She told him “Now, I didn’t get this money dancing at a gentleman’s club”.   The kitty’s owner was at least 70 years old.  There was a lot of laughter and maybe one or two happy tears too.

So, reTails was able to return a beloved lost cat to her grateful owners and received donations totaling $150 to help other pets.  And our faith in humanity was somewhat restored!

I’m knitting a scarf now.  The pattern is Mae Geri and I’m using a cool yarn made from corn!  It’s Queensland Collection Haze. It’s 60% corn viscose, 40% cotton, which I think makes it very appropriate for a summer scarf.  I like this yarn, it’s easy to knit with, not splitty at all like some cotton yarns can be.

Here’s a picture of my progress.

And here’s my helper, Rudy,  advising and inspecting my progress.