UFOs I Have Known

Sooner or later, every knitter starts a project that is destined to remain uncompleted.  This might be due to a poor yarn choice, too difficult (or easy) a pattern, a short attention span, or any of literally dozens of other reasons.  We knitters call these UFOs (unfinished objects).

I am not immune to this phenomenon.  I have lots of projects that I’ve not finished and I am admitting to myself  that some of them will never be picked up again.

The copper colored sweater with the very cool cable up the front.  I just can’t get the sleeves to work the way I want.  Maybe this is just an excuse, and the real issue is that sweaters just take too darn long for me.

The mohair scarf that is so fuzzy and hard for me to see that I can only knit it outside in direct sunlight.

The basketweave wrap that is just plain boring.

There are many more.  Let’s not dwell on the exact number, I beg you.

So, what’s a knitter to do?

I used to really beat myself up over these, since my family hates a quitter, and that has been ingrained in me from childhood.  But lately I’ve begun to realize that (for me at least) the product isn’t really what knitting is about.  I am what is known as a process knitter, I’m in it for the actual act of making the loops.  Somehow this quiets my brain, helps me relax and acts as a stress reducer.

Other people, my business partner Cheryl, for example, are very much product knitters.  For them its all about the finished objects.  Cheryl  produces an enormous amount of completed items, all beautiful, all in superb yarns and all in record time.

I used to feel the tiniest pang of jealousy (ok, let’s be honest, I was sick with envy) when I saw that every week she had something new to show me and I seem to keep plodding along forever on the same old things.  Then I realized that I don’t enjoy knitting very much if I make it all about the product and finishing quickly.  That makes me feel a bit obsessed, and that’s going down a path I want to avoid.  So, I’ve decided to consciously watch my loops, enjoy my changing colors, and let the finished objects take care of themselves.

Here’s the pink cowl finished, modeled by a pretty girl.




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