New (Old) Cars

We bought a 15 year old car today for our 16 year old daughter to toddle around town in.  It makes me smile to consider that she was one year old when her car was built.
I wonder if the men and women who put the pretty white Nissan Maxima together ever thought about the future drivers.  Cecily will be driver number 3.  I wonder about the previous drivers myself.  Did they love this car or was it just a convenience?

I tend to get very attached to things I use daily for years.  It was very difficult for me the day I traded my Ford Taurus for the Ford Windstar I drive now (and not just because I was trading into a minivan and kissing my days of driving a fun car goodbye!).  I felt like I was abandoning the Taurus.  What if her next owner didn’t appreciate her?  What if they didn’t take good care of her?  Never mind that the “good care” I can manage is cleaning out the junk on the floor (used kleenex, mapquest directions, candy wrappers) once every couple of months.

I think Cecily might feel this way about her first car, pondering it’s past, it’s previous owners, it’s history, all the events it’s been a part of.

Then again she could just have the one thought I had at 16 when she looks at it – FREEDOM!

My pink cowl continues toward completion.  Rudy models it for you here.  I really like this Noro Shirikaba yarn, it’s 42% silk, 40% cotton, and 18% wool.  It’s super soft and the vibrant color is gorgeous!



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